Rupee update 25th Sep 2017

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Rupee update 25th Sep 2017

Intraday Outlook on Rupee:

The pair has Supports at the 64.63/60 areas and at the 64.45/43 areas; and the former levels can hold on a most likely dip later in the day, to track it to the Resistance is at the 64.95 (can hold initially during the day) and the 65.15 areas (reversal level last day – unlikely to be seen today).

Intra-Day Trade Action:





Intra-Day Trade: NA Intraday – Range

64.63 – 64.95

SUPPORTS AND RESISTANCE          S1        S2 R1 R2 & R3
64.63 64.45 64.95 65.15
EXPORTERS STRATEGY HEDGE two month exports between 64.65 – 64.80
IMPORTERS STRATEGY HEDGE one month payable staggered between 64.20 and 64.35

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