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Foreign Exchange Risk Management Services

When trading internationally, foreign exchange risk can take a toll on various forms and greatly impact your business. Vega Fx is your thought partner in making treasury decisions. Vega Fx Business Consultancy services are offered to help you hedge, manage, or invest in foreign currency denominated assets. We are best suited to assess the impact of FX volatility on your company’s bottom line by protecting you from getting carried away with the market moves. Vega Fx business consultancy services are designed to help corporate sector CFOs, Treasurers, Risk Managers and Directors achieve tactical and strategic goals. It applies to companies of all sizes and complexities. Global mind set and local experience of our team with deep sector knowledge powers our ability to answer your unique questions comprehensively, quickly, and effectively.

With our Vega Fx Business consultancy service, we offer:

    Access to extensive financial markets expertise: Our team has specialists in consultancy around foreign exchange, interest rates, debt and asset management.

    Access to Industry Insights: We directly oversee clients across a broad range of industries, including; textiles, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, mining etc. and provide industry insights from banking and regulatory perspective.

    Access to our exclusive research: To empower you to make informed, accurate, effective and timely decisions, CR Forex facilitates its view with strong backing and logical reasoning through our well defined Research reports.

    Immediate Cost Savings:Our services can assist you in reducing costs in systems, compliance, personnel to free up capital for investments while still managing financial market risks effectively.

    Validation of FX Advisory Aid: A customized MIS sheet would be maintained wherein the conversion details of every FX transaction would be preserved for your validation


AEO Consultation

We provide hand holding support for obtaining AEO status right from the planning and readiness assessment stage till getting the final approval of AEOstatus, we have worked extensively on AEO assignments with several renowned companies pan south India.

We follow the below said process for AEO.

  1. Reviewing the current level of security

  2. standards and other required areas for obtaining AEO status

  3. Assistance in preparations of SOPs and establishing the required standards

  4. Assistance in collating the information and documents for filing AEO application

  5. Preparation, filing of application, and providing clarifications from time to time required by AEO Authorities

  6. Independent internal review to check the Security Standards and compliance level with other requirements for AEO and suggesting improvement areas before physical verification by AEO Authorities

  7. Assistance during physical verification by AEO Authorities


Foreign Trade Policy Compliance Services

Vega Fx provides Foreign trade Policy compliance services to help companies strengthen their global footprint and unleash the potential of their business.

We assist our clients in staying compliant with the Foreign trade regulations and provide the following services in this regard:

    Registration and modification of import Export Code/ Registration Cum Membership Certificate .

    Merchandise Export India Scheme

    Service Export India Scheme

    EPCG Authorizations

    Advance Authorizations

    Free Sale Certificates

    Export House Status Certificate

    Deemed Export benefits

    Registration & Compliances of EOU / EHTP / STP/ BTP / SEZ

    Closure of Licenses

    Revalidation / clubbing / extension of Licenses

    Norms fixation and PRC representation

    Special Import Licenses

    Debonding / shifting / merger of EOUs

    Qualification review for import / export under Bilateral Trade Agreements

    Documentation and Clearance procedure under FTA

    Merchant exports under FTA


Export Financing

The primary aim of export financing is to provide financial support to businesses that deal in the international market. In international trade, a significant gap exists between exporting goods and receiving payment from buyers that often strains the exporter’s cash flow.

We provide the following services in export financing for our clients:

Export- Post Shipment factoring in foreign currency

Exchange Rate realization/conversion - review and optimization

Short Term / Long Term External Commercial Borrowing for CAPEX

Packing credit in Foreign Currency for working capital

Hedging / Forward Contract options


Trading in Duty Scrips

we at Vega Fx Consulting provide a platform for buying and selling of duty scrips. Any importer interested in buying scrips, we can arrange scrips at competitive prices and the physical scrips will be delivered to you. As you are aware ,the rates of Exim scrips keep fluctuating. We can provide you the best and competitive rates to buy.Through our process of checking the scrips before buying and selling, we ensure that the chances of wrong scrips or their misuse is ruled out.

Exim/Duty Credit scrips are scrips given to exporters as “incentives” by the Government of India. While Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) scrips are given for goods exports, Service Exports from India Scheme (SEIS) scrips are given for services exports. The value of the scrips are a percentage of the FOB value of goods/services exported and are freely transferable. The scrips can be used to offset customs duty while importing.

Duty scrips are freely transferable as per para 3.02 of FTP and are usable for payment of Customs Duty (BCD), Anti-Dumping Duty (ADDs) and Safeguard Duties. The duty credit scrips cannot be used for payment of IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax) and GST compensation cess in imports, and CGST, SGST, IGST and GST compensation cess for domestic procurement

Duty scrips are valid for a period of 18 months from the date of issuance of the scrips. The limited validity of scrips means delays in realizing its value could mean loss of complete value of the license. It is mandatory to get EXIM scrips registered at customs.

DGFT can also revalidate a scrip if the exporter submits a special request, under exigent circumstances.

Exim scrips are typically sold at a discount. Say the face value of a scrip is Rs.100 and it is being sold at a price of say Rs.90. You can now utilise it at customs while importing goods at a 100% face value of Rs.100 and save Rs.10.

For eg: If you have a Duty Credit Scrip worth Rs. 1,00,000, it means that it can be used to pay duties/ taxes equivalent to Rs. 1,00,000. If the holder of the scrip does not intend to use them – he may sell them.

The buyer of these scrip will not pay full face value for these scrips but will buy them at a discount. He may buy these scrips for Rs. 95,000 instead of Rs. 1,00,000. Although he has purchased them for Rs. 95,000 – these scrips still have a face value of Rs. 1,00,000 and can be used for payment of duties/taxes equivalent to Rs. 1,00,000.

  1. Benefit of the Buyer – He saved Rs. 5,000 in the above mentioned transaction as instead of paying Rs. 1,00,000, he only had to pay Rs. 95,000.
  2. Benefit to the Seller – He got a benefit of Rs. 95,000 because if he would not have sold these scrips – they would have expired and therefore useless.

No, you cannot return unutilized/balance value. However you can use the balance value to offset customs duty on other imports, or you can sell the unutilised portion of an EXIM scrip


GST Services

Vega Fx is a team of experienced GST Consultants in Bangalore. Goods & Services Tax Law in India is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax that will be levied on every value addition

We provide various services such as

    Registration under GST

    Filing of Returns

    Refunds of Inputs Credit

    Concessional clearances and annexures


Company growth analysis

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